Flower Watercolour Painting

Use the colours of nature for your next painting project! The watercolours you will create may not be as vibrant as regular paint, but they sure are pretty and they might even smell good.



What You'll Need

  • Some beautifully coloured flowers

  • Ziploc bags or containers

  • Some small containers to put the watercolour paints in

  • Water

What to Do

Part 1:

  1. Head outside and collect some flowers. Bright flowers will create the most vibrant colours. Pick as many different colours as you can find.

    • If you don't want to pick flowers from your garden, you can always go and buy a few from your local greenhouse to do this activity.

  2. Take the flowers and pick the petals from the stem. Place all of the petals of the same colour in the same bag. Use different containers for different colours.

    • Don’t throw away the stems or the leaves! These can be used to create green paint.

  3. Predict: Which flower do you think will create the brightest paint? Why do you think this?

  4. Pour a bit of water into each of the plastic bags.

  5. Use a rolling pin or even your fingers to carefully squish the flowers and water in the plastic bags.

  6. For best results, let the bags sit overnight before using.


Part 2:

  1. Strain the flowers from the water and pour the now coloured water into a small container, one for each colour. You just made watercolour paint!

  2. Paint! Take out some paper and use flowers or paintbrushes to paint with your watercolours. Notice which colours look the brightest. Was your prediction right?

Ask Yourself

  • Which colour turned out the brightest on your page?

  • How does the colour from the flowers get into the water?

  • Why do you think some flowers created a brighter colour than others?