Hibernating Frog-sicles

What do amphibians do in winter? When some are finding warm spots in tunnels or holes underground, and others stay in the water under frozen ice, there is one type of frog, the wood frog, that has a unique adaptation to protect themselves from the cold of winter. 

How do they do this? Try this simple experiment to find out.


  • Two small containers or cups

  • Maple syrup or molasses

  • Water

  • Plate


  1. Fill one container with water and the other with syrup or molasses. Freeze for several hours.

  2. Take out the containers and empty the contents onto a plate to see if they are frozen.

Ask Yourself

  • What happened to the water and the syrup?

  • In winter, wood frogs produce sugars in their bodies, represented by the syrup in this experiment. How do these sugars protect the frogs?

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