I Spy Jar

harry-tharsiman-pebbles cone-unsplash.jpg

Collect small objects outside to make a fun challenge for yourself and friends! 

What You’ll Need

  • Mason jar 

  • Sand

  • Objects to find in the jar: colourful pebbles, small pinecones, berries, a bird feather, tree needles, pieces of tree bark, and anything else you can find

  • Glue

What To Do

  1. Go to a natural area to collect supplies. Anything that will fit in your jar will work! 

  2. Fill your jar with sand and small natural objects.  

  3. Make a list of the items as you put them in the jar.

  4. Glue the lid on so that the jar won’t leak. 

  5. Shake up the jar, and start searching for each object! Test your friends and family to see how quickly they can find all of the natural objects hidden in the sand. 

Photo by eclipse_etc on Flickr

Photo by eclipse_etc on Flickr

Ask Yourself

  • Which objects were easiest to find? Which were the hardest to find? 

  • Which animals have to look hard to find their food? 

  • If you went to a different natural area, what might be different about the natural objects you find?

Blog post written by Claire Merkosky, SCiP intern.