Leaf House

Make your dream home out of fallen leaves! 



What You’ll Need

  • A rake

  • A field or yard full of fallen leaves

What To Do

  1. Use a rake and your hands to design the floor plan of your dream home using fallen leaves. Rake leaves into lines symbolizing the walls of rooms, leaving gaps for doors. 

  2. Let your imagination guide your floor plan— your bedroom can be as big as you’d like, you could have a ballroom in your home, and you can use any extra leaves to make furniture like a pillow or a comfy chair. 

  3. Play in your new leaf house! 


Ask Yourself

  • What could you use to decorate your leaf house?

  • Did you find any insects in the piles of leaves?

  • How easy is it to renovate your new leaf house?

Blog post written by Claire Merkosky, SCiP intern.