Magic Reindeer Food

It's the Christmas season! That means Santa and his reindeer are getting ready for the big trip. Here is a quick and easy activity to get ready for the arrival of Santa's reindeer. This magical mix will be a great treat for Rudolph and his pals as they travel around the world!

What You'll Need

  • A bowl or bag
  • Oats (plain oats, porridge oats, quick oats)
  • Edible glitter
    • Make sure you don't use craft glitter, that could hurt the reindeer.
    • Use the same type of glitter you would use to decorate a cake.
    • The small green or red sugar crystal sprinkles work great.

What to Do

  1. In a bowl or a bag, mix together about 1 cup of oats and around 1 to 2 tablespoons of edible glitter (not too much, or the reindeer might get sick!).
  2. Sing a Christmas carol to activate the magic in your magic reindeer food.
  3. Wait until Christmas Eve and then spread your magic reindeer food across your yard. (Make sure not to do it before the night of Christmas Eve so that other critters don't eat your special mix!)
  4. Wait for your reindeer mix to work its magic. Before you know it, Santa and his reindeer crew will have come and gone, leaving you and your family with holiday cheer!

Ask Yourself

  • What other animals do I see that look like reindeer when it isn't Christmas time?
  • Do reindeer have horns or antlers?
  • What are some of my holiday traditions? Maybe spreading magic reindeer food on Christmas Eve can be one of them!