Migration Madness

Around the world, many species of animals migrate when seasons change. Some migrate short distances and others travel far. Animals usually migrate in search of food, suitable weather, or to reach their feeding or breeding grounds. As spring arrives, many animals, especially birds, are migrating.

  • Supplies

  • Method for counting steps
    • Pedometer (look for one at sports or outdoor recreation stores)
    • Watch
    • Smartphone app
    • Or simply count your steps and track them in a notebook


Track your steps for a set period of time - an hour, a day, etc. Compare your number of steps with someone else.

Ask Yourself

  • How many steps did you take? What distance did you travel in kilometres or metres?

  • How far do different animals migrate?

  • What animal species has the longest migration route?

  • Birds sometimes fly and migrate in a "V" pattern. Why do they do this?
  • Some animals migrate between the same places each year - some waterfowl even return to the exact same pond or lake. Why do they do this, and how?
  • Learn more about migration and help answer these questions online. National Geographic is a good place to start.