Muddy Bark Faces

Make a friend in your very own backyard! Get creative with a silly faces on tree bark. 

chris-lawton-pinecone floor-unsplash.jpg

What You’ll Need

  • A tree trunk

  • Mud

  • Bits of bark, berries, stones, pinecones, and anything else to make a goofy face


What To Do

  1. Find or make some mud! You could do this activity after a rainstorm, or bring a water bottle along to make your own mud out of dirt. 

  2. Make a big ball of mud with your hands.

  3. Press the mud into the bark of a tree trunk, flattening it a bit.

  4. Make the bark a face! Use whatever bits of nature you can find to create eyes, mouth, hair, and other features, pressing them into the mud. 

Ask Yourself

  • How long did your muddy bark face stay on the tree? 

  • Was it easy to find items outside that look like a face?

  • What kind of tree bark does mud stick to best?

Blog post written by Claire Merkosky, SCiP intern.