Muddy Play

Grab your rubber boots and head outside to play in the mud! This is a fun activity to do by yourself or with friends to be creative and get a little bit messy.

What You'll Need

  • Mud
  • Buckets or plastic containers
  • Spoons or shovels
  • Sticks, stones, grass
  • Water

What to Do

  1. Here are some of the possible activities you can do outside in the mud:
    • Puddle Jumping - just like how it sounds! If there's mud, there are probably puddles. Put on your rain boots and jump from puddle to puddle, splashing water as you go.
    • Mud Sculptures - use your imagination to make a unique sculpture - maybe an animal, a person, or just a cool piece of art. Create your sculpture using mud, sticks or other items you find nearby!
    • Mud Painting - this is a perfect activity to do outside on a picnic table. Collect some mud and add water to it, mixing it until it has the consistency of paint. Then, use a paintbrush to create a mud painting on a piece of white paper.
    • Mud Cafe - grab a bowl, a cup, or a plate (with an adults' permission) and fill it with mud, grass, water, or other items you find nearby to make your own mud recipes. Try making mud soup, mud pie, mud juice, or maybe even mud meatballs! (but don't actually try them - mud doesn't taste very good!)
    • Mud Castle Construction - try building your own mud castle! Use rocks you can find nearby and hold them together using mud (just like how bricks are held together by mortar) to create the castle and even build a dam or trenches around your castle that you can choose to fill with water.

Ask Yourself

  • Why is it usually only muddy after it rains?
  • What other activities can you think of to do by yourself or with friends in the mud?
  • What kinds of wildlife might like the mud?
  • Did you get your foot stuck in the mud? Why did this happen?