Nature Colour Hunt

A fun activity to get the kids outside in the beautiful weather! This activity is a great opportunity to teach them about colour recognition and the variety of vibrant colours that exist in nature.


What You'll Need

  • Baby food tray OR ice cube tray OR egg carton

  • Scissors

  • Coloured paper

  • Gather or collect objects in nature of various colours

What To Do

  1. Cut your sheets of colored foam paper/regular paper into pieces small enough to line the bottom of the tray/carton.

    • There should be a different colour in each section of the tray. For younger kids, choose colours that you know they have a chance of finding a match (for example, green and brown are good colours to use).

  2. Head outside! Start finding objects to match your colours.

  3. After you have made all of your matches, you can talk about what you have found (Use your 5 senses!)

Ask Yourself

  • What are the colours of the objects you have found?

  • What types of objects have bright colours? Dark colours?

  • Why do objects in nature have different colours? Do these colours serve a purpose?

  • Which colours were easier to find and which were more difficult to find?

(Thumbnail Image by LiteWriting aka Loreen72,