Nature Find It Race

Gather some friends and head to the closest park, ravine, or backyard for a Find It Race! Explore what may be hidden in Edmonton’s natural areas while challenging a friend to retrieving unique, specific, natural objects.


What You’ll Need

  • One or more friends

  • An outdoor area

What To Do

  1. Decide who will be the caller. This person will announce what the runners must retrieve. 

  2. The rest of the players will be the runners. They can work on teams or as individuals.

  3. When the caller announces an object, the runners will race to find it, bring it back to the caller, and verify that the object meets the caller’s description! 

  4. Switch up who is the caller after a few rounds. If you only have two people, take turns announcing an object and racing each other. 

Ideas for Objects to Call

  • 1 stick the length of your arm 

  • 1 rock with dirt stuck to it

  • 1 leaf the size of your palm

  • 1 berry

  • 2 rocks of different weight

  • 1 pinecone

  • 3 leaves, each of a different shape and colour

  • 1 dandelion flower

  • 1 small piece of bark

  • 2 pieces of grass of a different colour

  • 1 feather

  • 1 needle from a conifer tree 

  • 1 rock that is warm from the sun

  • 1 small handful of dirt

  • 1 dead leaf

  • Create your own! Choose anything you can think of that may be found in the area you’re playing in. Remember to take only what you need. 


Ask Yourself

  • Which items on the list were the most difficult to find? Where could you go that might be easier to find that item? 

  • Which item was the most fun to find? 

  • Did it take longer or shorter than you expected to find the objects from the list?

Blog post written by Claire Merkosky, SCiP intern.