Nature Math

It's September, which means back to school! Brush up on your math skills while also heading outside to complete this fun nature activity.



  • A bucket or other container to carry items

  • A natural area where you can collect leaves, sticks, and other materials


  1. Head to the backyard, the park, or any natural area.

  2. Gather many different natural items in a bucket, including leaves, pine cones, berries, blades of grass, sticks, etc.

  3. Once you've collected lots of different objects, there are many different math exercises you can do with them.

    • For younger children: learn counting skills as well as basic addition and subtraction using your natural items. You may also work on pattern skills, by laying out your pieces in certain patterns. (e.g., ABAB, ABCABC, ABBABB, ABBCABBC, etc.)

    • For older children: work on multiplication and division skills using the natural items you have collected. You may also practice fractions or complex patterns.


Ask Yourself

  • What math skills am I good at? What math skills do I still need to work on?

  • How many items did you collect in total?

  • Could a bird build a nest out of the items you collected?