Nature's Alphabet

Searching for the alphabet in nature is a way to help you focus, slow down and enjoy being outside. This activity helps you see ordinary things in a new way, and can be done in any season, any time and anywhere.


  • Camera

  • Imagination and keen eyes


  1. Go outside in nature and look for shapes of the alphabet in nature. Try looking in your backyard, a park or ravine, or another natural area.
  2. Take pictures of the letters you see in the shapes of branches, leaves and other parts of nature. If you don't have a camera.
  3. For an extra activity, download your photos at home and use them to spell out your name or other words and print them out.

Ask Yourself

  • Other than letters, what other shapes do you see in nature?

Thanks to EALT volunteers Linnea Ward and Carol MacKay-Matak for creating this kids activity.