Pebble Art Craft

This beautiful hand-crafted pebble art would make a lovely decoration for your room or a gift for a family member (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day). Think of what type of animal or picture you want to design and get outside and collect some small stones to create this artwork!


What you’ll need:

  • Hot glue gun and glue

  • Some small pebbles

  • Thick white cardstock or cardboard

  • A frame

  • Thin black sharpie


What to do:

  1. Think of what you want to create with your pebble art, for example if you want to make a person, think of the shapes of rocks you need to find.

  2. Go outside and find some pebbles!

  3. Draw eyes or other designs on the pebbles.

  4. Take the thick cardstock and glue the rocks on in the design you want to create.

  5. Place the art inside the frame!

  6. Hang on your wall or place on your dresser.


Ask Yourself:

  • What rock shapes were the hardest to find?

  • How many pebbles did you have to collect to create your design?

  • What colour were the pebbles you found? Did you find different coloured pebbles in different places?

Blog post written by Shawn Eckert, SCiP intern.