Plant Scavenger Hunt

Here's a fun nature activity you can do right here in Edmonton! So often, when we spend time outside, we don't stop to look at all the interesting plants around us. If you stop and look closely, you'll realize that there are so many different types of plants! 


What You'll Need

  • A print out of the Plant Scavenger Hunt handout

  • A pen or a pencil

  • Optional: A magnifying glass

  • Optional: A picnic lunch to enjoy while you explore

What to Do

  1. Take a trip to your nearest green space. This might be your backyard, a local park, nearby hiking trails, or EALT’s Conservation Lands!

  2. Look at the pictures on the Plant Scavenger Hunt handout and try to find the matching real plants in your backyard, nearby park or one of our Conservation Lands.

  3. If you find one, check the checkbox and look for more!

  4. Don't worry if you can't find them all. You can add your own plants, too!

Ask Yourself

many plants - BVGW - kory.JPG
  • What other plants do you see that are not on the scavenger hunt sheet? What do they look like? Can you draw them on the back of the page?

  • How many plants did you spot? Did you spot all 12?

  • What do you think plants needs to live?

  • Extra Activity: Stand in one spot and count how many different plants you can see without moving!