Recycling Sorting Game

Knowing how to recycle is important! Use this activity to practice your sorting skills and learn which items can or cannot be recycled.


What You’ll Need

  • 2 containers

  • Card stock

  • Magazines

  • Scissors

  • Double Sided Tape


What To Do

  1. Cut out images from the magazines of different items that are either recyclable or non-recyclable.

  2. Take the cut-out items and tape them to the card stock with the double-sided tape.

  3. Using the leftover card stock, create two signs - one for recycling and one for garbage. Place each sign in one of the containers

  4. Time to play! Try to match the cut-out items with the correct way to get rid of them.


Ask Yourself

  • Why can only some things be recycled?

  • Is there another way to get rid of food items besides garbage and recycling?

  • Can you look around your home and identify whether items are recyclable or garbage?

  • Want to try this game on a phone or tablet? Download the City of Edmonton’s WasteWise App.