Sneaky Stalker Game

Although being noisy is fun, it could scare away your dinner if you were a predator. The quietest animals are the ones who get to eat. Use this activity to practice being quiet while moving. This skill is very useful for wildlife watching as well!

Photo by philm1310

Photo by philm1310

What You’ll Need

  • Blindfolds

  • Sticks

  • People

Imagery by GDJ

Imagery by GDJ

What To Do

  1. Gather everyone in a circle with each person at least arms-width apart but the bigger the circle, the trickier this game becomes.

  2. Pick one person to sit in the middle of the circle, blindfolded, and put sticks on the ground in front of them. This is the “prey”.

  3. Pick one person to start as the “pack leader”, who will stand outside the circle.

  4. Everyone else in the circle sits down. They become the “predators”.

  5. The “pack leader” will walk around the outside of the circle and lightly tap on a person’s head to pick them to be the “predator” who tries to sneak up on the “prey” and retrieve a stick.

  6. In order for the “predator” to be successful, they must reach the “prey” and retrieve a stick without being caught. The “prey” can catch the “predators” by pointing at them or by tagging them with an outstretched hand. If a “predator” is caught, they have to go back to their original position and wait to be picked again.

  7. If a predator is successful, they become the “pack leader” and the previous “pack leader” sits down as a “predator” in their place.

  8. After catching 3 “predators”, the “prey” gets to become the “pack leader” and the previous “pack leader” becomes the “prey”.

Photo by Doris May

Photo by Doris May

Ask Yourself

  • How hard was it to listen for “predators”?

  • How hard was it to stay quiet while trying to catch “prey”?

  • What kind of animals would be considered prey? Predators?