Wildlife Watching Practice

Everyone loves wildlife! Have you ever been watching wildlife but not carefully and the wild animals moved very quickly and disappeared? If so, this activity is for you! This activity will help you practice your observation and awareness skills so you do not miss wildlife in the future.

What You’ll Need

  • You and your friends

  • An open space

DSC_0001 (2).JPG

What To Do

  1. Head to an open space, inside or outside.

  2. Break up the group into 2 lines, pairing up so the lines are facing each other, about 6 feet apart.

  3. Look at your partner in the other line and observe everything about them you can. Both of you turn around so you are no longer facing each other. No peeking!

  4. Change three things about your appearance. (e.g. Pants leg tucked in sock, unzipping a jacket, one shoe off)

  5. Turn around at the same time and try to figure out the changes in your partner’s appearance. Let your partner do the same.

  6. Once everyone has figured out the changes, everyone needs to take 5 big steps backward and rotate one side. This gives everyone a new partner and a tougher challenge. Repeat the above steps.

Ask Yourself

Photo by Doris May

Photo by Doris May

  • Why does this activity help with observational skills?

  • What kinds of wildlife can be observed in the wild?

  • Was the activity easy or hard for you? Did it get easier as the activity continued?

  • What else can you do to practice your observation skills?