Winter Adaptations Scavenger Hunt


Just like you and me, the animals living in and around Edmonton have to cope with harsh winters somehow. Many species have developed adaptations to survive winters. These can be a behaviour or a physical trait that makes winter more bearable. Try out an online scavenger hunt to learn about wintertime adaptations!

What You’ll Need

  • Access to the EALT website.

  • Pencil and paper to write down your answers.

What to Do

Learn which animals adapt to the cold and snow of Alberta winters by deciphering these clues. All of the answers can be found on the EALT website (hint: the species spotlights may be a good place to start!)

  1. I am a large, elusive animal. My feet are big like snowshoes, so that I can walk on top of snow without sinking in. Who am I? 

  2. You would never guess it, but I don’t actually like trout, minnows, or pike. To stay warm in the winter, I like to dig a den in the snow, so that I can sleep in a cozy burrow under a blanket of snow. Who am I?

  3. I am no good at giving hugs. But I don’t need others’ body warmth to last through winters, because I have adapted to drop my body temperature to save energy in the cold! Who am I?

  4. I hang around the Edmonton river valley often, but that doesn’t mean I am friendly. I have very good ears to help me hear prey as it moves under layers of snow. Who am I?

  5. You may still see me in your wallet during the winter, but you sure won’t see me on the lake! I migrate East or West to warmer waters during the winter. Who am I?

    These bonus clues might require a bit more searching on the EALT website. Are you up for the challenge?

  6. In the winter time, my hair turns white as snow to camouflage from predators. This makes wintertime a good season to distinguish me from another similar species. Who am I?

  7. This might give you a laugh during our long winter. What did one toad say to the other when they received an earthworm as a gift?

michal-janek-kids in snow-unsplash.jpg

Ask yourself

  • How do you adapt to the cold and snow in wintertime?

  • Would any of these animals’ adaptations come in handy for you? Which ones would you like to have?

  • Can you think of any other ways animals or plants adapt to cold weather?

Find the answers here!

Blog post written by Claire Merkosky, SCiP intern.