You’re Only Safe If….


This great outdoor game is a variation of tag and can teach you and your friends a lot about nature and the species in your backyard or local park! Grab your friends, brother or sister, and a parent and get outside with this fun game!

What You’ll Need

  • Some friends or siblings

  • A parent or teacher


What to Do

  1. The parent or teacher calls out different things in the landscape by saying "You're only safe if you find a…" and then call on a plant, rock, tree or other feature in the park.

  2. The kids then get a few seconds to run and locate the item!

  3. The parent or teacher runs and tries to tag the children before they can touch the item.

  4. If the children touch the item before they are tagged, they are safe. If not, they must help the parent or teacher tag the other children. Now there are more taggers to chase the rest of the group.

  5. The game ends when all the children are tagged, or if at least one person has touched 10 different “safe” items!


Ask Yourself:

  • How many different trees do you see around you?

  • What item did you have the hardest time finding?

  • What kinds of items do you think would help animals be safe in the wild?

Blog post written by Shawn Eckert, SCiP intern.