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Wolf Intarsia Mosaic


Dimensions: 15" x 15"

Artist and EALT Volunteer, Jamie McQuarrie donated this piece to raise funds to support local conservation.

Pick up must be in Edmonton and can be arranged by contacting Steph at steph@ealt.ca or 587-335-5382. If outside of Edmonton, email Steph in advance to estimate potential shipping costs.

This Wolf Intarsia piece was hand crafted from walnut, cherry, aspen, cedar, and wenge, by Jamie McQuarrie and designed by Judy Gale Roberts. This gorgeous piece is equipped with a bracket to hang it on the wall.

Intarsia is the art of making picture mosaics using shaped pieces of wood. It is made by gluing wood pieces together or to a plywood backing to make a picture. The pieces are chosen for their grain pattern and colour. They are sawn and sanded to shape then glued together, sometimes with extra layers of backing to deepen the three dimensional effect. Several coats of a clear finish are applied to enhance the grain and protect the wood surface.

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