Youth Advisory Committee

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In honour of our 10th Anniversary, we invited youth (aged 18-30) to join our first ever, Youth Advisory Committee.

The purpose of the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) was to establish a relationship with a varied group of young people, to better understand the conservation-related issues that matter to them, and to learn how better to communicate with young people in the region and engage them in our work in conservation.

In February, we hosted an exceptionally successful half day gathering where we were able to network and discuss the conservation issues that matter to youth and how to better outreach to youth about them.

We discussed a number of ideas that EALT is considering implementing, and are hard at work on the first of these ideas. And we were delighted that the YAC responded so well to our #MooseOnTheLooseEALT on social media, so have committed to continuing this. 

Thank you all for individually and collectively contributing so much, and being such meaningful supporters of EALT and our activities!