Build A Bee Hotel

We've been busy as bees this spring building bee hotels! Bee hotels are a unique tool to provide nest sites for solitary bees. These types of bees aren't aggressive and are unlikely to sting. 

Pollinators are declining worldwide, so we started our Protecting Pollinators project to draw attention to the issues facing pollinators, including habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change.

You can lend a hand too by building your own bee hotel. Check out our photos, instructions, and ideas for making your own bee hotel. We have blueprints you can follow, or you can design your own bee hotel.

In addition to using wood blocks or logs for your bee hotels, you can use simple paper straws like the ones in these pictures, from Greenmunch. Paper straws provide a simple tunnel for nesting solitary bees, and are particularly useful if you want to make a very simple bee hotel, or get kids involved.

Thank you to Greenmunch for donating paper straws to EALT for building our own bee hotels!