Earth Day Loon Platform

In celebration of Earth Day a group of volunteers all pitched in at the EALT Glory Hills property west of Edmonton to assemble and launch a loon nesting platform. We carried large cedar blocks, tools, wire and burlap out to the sheltered spot and formed it into a solid base.

Then we scavenged some willow and grasses, blended it artfully together, to make an ideal nesting spot for a pair of loons (two of which we spotted later that afternoon!). We pulled it out to the open water with a couple kayaks, dropped in the cinder blocks and it was set.

We followed the forested trail back and stopped to peek at the Great Blue Heron colony on the other side of the lake. They were easy to spot because the trees are still free of leaves; we counted 12.

The day ended with a light snack as the weather started to turn then we all went our separate ways. Perfect timing and a job well done!

By Jen – EALT Volunteer

Check out more photos from the day in our Flickr Album.