Future Forests

It’s Alberta Forest Week, a time to instill the values of conservation and stewardship as well as the environmental benefits of our trees and forests.

Here at EALT, we are quite proud of our contributions to the future’s forests. Not only do we conserve pristine forest habitats, we also restore degraded forests through a very important partnership formed with The Carbon Farmer.

You have likely heard of The Carbon Farmer, especially if you watch Dragon’s Den or follow the Alberta Emerald Awards. The Carbon Farmer is a conservation-minded business that sells carbon credits. They plant trees on their family farm and on conserved natural areas, like EALT’s properties, for carbon sequestration.

Since our partnership began in 2012, we have planted a total of 278,371 native trees on 3 of our conserved natural areas. That’s over a quarter of a million trees!

In the long run, these trees will deliver biodiversity benefits, health benefits, and improve air and water quality. This future forest will not only help us combat climate change, but will also provide shelter and valuable habitat for wild animals, maintaining resilience and a balanced ecosystem. Forests also reduce erosion and sedimentation in creeks and rivers, thereby reducing the risk of flooding, and preserving water quality.

I could go on more about all of the wonderful benefits of trees, but EALT already has a great resource on this topic. Check out our Benefits of Forests fact sheet! 

How are you celebrating Alberta Forest Week?