Go Wild for Geocaching

Go Wild for Geocaching is an innovative project proposed and created by EALT, and supported by WWF-Canada (one of six projects across Canada funded by a Go Wild Grant). This project entices new visitors to experience EALT’s natural areas, by creating a treasure hunt of interactive geocaches. Each geocache is hidden in an intriguing place and reveals some interesting tips about nature, and even offers potential stewardship activities. Geocachers come away with practical applications and knowledge they can use to protect and steward nature at home.

EALT staff have been busy over the past weeks placing the caches on our natural areas to take geocachers on an adventure to our beautiful, photogenic scenery, to find our creatively named and well-hidden caches. Overall, we stashed a dozen caches on six conservation lands.

The caches were posted Friday, July 17th, and we were amazed and delighted to find that all twelve caches were sought out and discovered over that weekend! Don’t worry though, the caches are returned to their hiding place for the next person to find as well! Geocachers raved about their weekend adventures:

I can't believe that I never knew about this place, or about EALT! … Thanks so much to EALT for placing these caches - encouraging nature exploration and education, promoting stewardship and conservation of our natural areas, and giving us extra incentive to get out and have fun! …” – jorura

Thank you so much for bringing us to this awesome nature area! We had no idea this place existed, and fairly close to home. … It is really cool that you are 'promoting' visitors to local nature areas. If it was not for caching we would have never found this awesome place. …” - ChristopherRobin1431

Visit our natural area pages to start your own geocaching adventure!