How Do You Connect With Nature?

Everyone connects with nature in their own special way. We want to hear your favourite way to connect with nature. Comment or simply share a photo that illustrates your own connection with nature, or tell us about a special moment.

In the spirit of sharing our connection with nature, I will start by telling you how I connect with nature. Interestingly enough, it is not necessarily while I am hiking in nature, or photographing my favourite wild animal. My moment of true connection to nature is when I take a few moments to sit stationary, clear my mind and just absorb my surroundings.

These moments always tend to be the most rewarding. Suddenly I am treated to a porcupine strolling by, an owl hunting for food at dusk, or my all-time best: sitting at my favourite spot in Edmonton’s River Valley I observe the only wild River Otter I have ever seen in my life, casually floating by in the middle of the North Saskatchewan River. I don’t have photos of any of these moments, and that’s truly what makes them so special – I just sat back and watched the world go by. These connections are moments that turn into fond memories and stay with me forever.

Now it’s your turn: how do you connect with nature?