Winter Wildlife Tracks

Last weekend I headed out to Pipestone Creek with some volunteers to look for signs of wildlife. We were fortunate to have a beautiful fresh blanket of snow, and saw footprints from many species, including deer, coyote, fox, snowshoe hare, squirrel and other small mammals.


However, one of the best sights to see was something that we didn’t see at all – for several years we’ve had problems with snowmobile trespassing on this property, as well as at our Glory Hills property.

But during this trip to Pipestone Creek, there was no evidence of snowmobile traffic on our lands! Here’s why irresponsible off-highway vehicle traffic can be damaging to natural areas. 

Thank you to the stewards and volunteers who have helped us install fences, gates and signs at strategic places to make this happen! We hope this trend continues, and that the thousands of trees planted on the property will continue to thrive.