What Inspires You to Volunteer?

I am currently pursuing my career to become a registered architect. I’m also a member of the US Green Building Council as a LEED Green Associate, where I continue to promote a sustainable approach to building and construction. I believe LEED certified buildings will minimize the impact on the built environment and buildings can be maintained through renewable clean energy. The goal of LEED is to transform the way we approach design, construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings.

To understand how we can construct a better built environment, I believe we need to begin by learning about our natural habitats. I came across the Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT) through a volunteer organization which immediately sparked my interest. I approached Rebecca Ellis in 2013 and became involved with the Species at Risk booklet. My role involved creating a visual layout to organize the data and content that would effectively communicate the importance of preserving our wildlife and ecosystems in Alberta.


My involvement with EALT has created this inner desire for me to be closer to nature; and on my recent trip to Algonquin National Park, I caught a glimpse of a chipmunk and watched a crow soar through the ravines. Seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat has given me the assurance that conservation is vital to the protection of our natural surroundings. The ethical use of resources must be implemented into our built environment and will be the key to sustaining our future. My involvement with EALT has been a wonderful experience and I continue to offer my support to help raise the awareness of conservation.

I most recently volunteered my time to update the Species at Risk Guide to include additional species; preparing the booklet for a second round of print. I am really proud to be a part of this project, which is why I continue to make time in my schedule to volunteer.

While I was volunteering for the latest updates, I was also a part of a startup company to launch a new line of sterling silver jewelry that brings a modern sensibility to jewelry design. Cerine offers an exclusive collection that focuses on the elements of elegance and minimalism for a casual contemporary style. I have been a jewelry enthusiast starting at a young age, where my family has been in the industry for more than two generations. You can find out more by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Aurana Srithavatchai – EALT Volunteer – Aurana is a long-distance volunteer, volunteering from her home in Toronto. Thank you for your talented and dedicated work Aurana!