Glen Thoman, Chair

Glen Thoman, a civil engineer, has worked for over 15 years with private consulting firms in the land development industry, both in Edmonton and Toronto. Glen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto. Glen is responsible for the co-ordination, design, approval and contract administration of land development projects, with a specialization in water resources engineering that includes stormwater management, urban hydrology and stream corridor management. Glen is a Project Manager for Al-Terra Engineering and represents the Urban Development Institute on EALT’s board.

Martin Garber-Conrad, Treasurer

Martin Garber-Conrad has been CEO of the Edmonton Community Foundation since March, 2005. For the previous 18 years Martin was executive director of E4C—a community organization that operates a variety of programs for women, children and youth-at-risk, primarily in the areas of housing, feeding, employment and outreach. Martin is chair of the Edmonton Housing Trust Fund, is responsible for the Social Enterprise Fund, served several terms on Edmonton’s Food Bank board, won a Muttart Fellowship, was recognized as one of 100 influential Edmontonians, and remains on steering committees for several collaborative programs in social and community services and education.

Ian Montgomerie, Secretary

Dr. Ian Montgomerie has been consulting in strategic management and public involvement on social environmental issues for over 20 years, supporting senior management in the public, private and voluntary sectors. With a Ph.D. in Educational Administration, Ian teaches Strategic Management, Public Policy, and Public Consultation and Communication in the Executive program at the University of Alberta School of Business. Ian has previously served as a National Board member and Chair of the Alberta Chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society and has been on the boards of a variety of other health, recreational, and professional organizations.

Raquel Feroe

Raquel currently practices medicine in Edmonton. Her volunteer focus is to learn and serve in areas that allow her to promote human health by improving our ability to recognize, foster and protect healthy environments. Raquel volunteers locally, e.g., work on the Alberta Capital Airshed Alliance Board, participating in Edmonton’s Master Naturalist program, volunteering for Friends of the Kinnaird Ravine, and helping Riverdale’s Emerald Award winning Naturescape. She represents the Edmonton Nature Club on EALT’s Board. Noting it is important for all of us to pick a place and protect it, Raquel feels working on the EALT board is a great way to honour that mission in a strategic way.

Douwe Vanderwel

Douwe Vanderwel graduated from the University of Guelph’s Water Resource Engineering Program. Douwe spent his career working in the field of water resources with Environment Canada, Ducks Unlimited, Alberta Agriculture and the City of Edmonton. He has a diverse and wealth of experience in conservation and the environment. His particular interests are the conservation of Alberta’s diverse landscapes in the Edmonton area from wetlands to uplands, and forested areas to grasslands. He is especially aware of the strong role that both the proper development of urban areas and agriculture can play in conserving land for a better place to live.

Angela Springate

Angela holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Distinction) and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Alberta. She presently serves as legal counsel to Enbridge Pipelines. Keenly interested in environmental and aboriginal law, Angela sits on the executive of the Environmental, Energy and Natural Resources section of the Canadian Bar Association, and belongs to both the Community Services and the Aboriginal Partnerships committees of the downtown Rotary Club. A volunteer running coach and passionate trail runner, Angela is committed to EALT’s vision of Edmonton as a region where natural area systems are valued and enjoyed today while being preserved for tomorrow.

Cheryl Lockhart

Cheryl Lockhart is a management consultant who helps entrepreneurs and management teams take their business to the next level, and is a Partner with Omni Management Consulting Alliance. She has conducted diverse projects including coaching, strategic planning, feasibility studies, international business planning, financial modelling and marketing plans. Cheryl hopes to assist EALT with its financial health and sustainability. Cheryl grew up on a farm east of Edmonton, has a B. Commerce from the University of Alberta and is a Certified Management Consultant. She volunteers with her community league and the Raj Manek Mentorship Program and coaches start-up businesses via Futurepreneur.

Karen Miller

Karen has 15 years of accounting experience in diverse areas including manufacturing, retail and public practice. She holds the position of Controller at the Edmonton South Sofina Foods. She has a Bachelor of Commerce and is a Certified General Accountant (CGA). Interested in giving back to the community, Karen volunteers with the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) Alberta Tax Clinic, helping low-income Albertans complete their tax returns free of charge. She also serves on the CPA Alberta Edmonton Chapter Board. In continuance of community support, Karen recognizes the importance of conserving and protecting undeveloped land areas in close proximity to urban sprawl.

Alex Nagy

Alex Nagy is experienced in program and project management, engineering, strategic planning, and community planning and development. His Degree in Civil Engineering is supplemented with environmental management and law courses. As Engineering Manager for a large engineering company, his Team provided consulting services to public and private sector clients. As Engineering Manager for Strathcona County, he was one of the development approving authorities and a member of several Edmonton regional infrastructure and environment committees. He belongs to the City of Edmonton Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, and volunteers at Habitat for Humanity, and the Mentoring Program of his Professional Organization.

Marian Weber

As a Senior Researcher with Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, Marian has spent her career working with government, scientists, and communities testing policies for conservation. From 2007-2014 she worked with Strathcona County and the Beaver Hills Initiative to explore opportunities to use Transferable Development Credits to conserve agricultural landscapes in the Beaver Hills. Her family loves hiking, camping, skiing, and paddling, and treasures our river valley and the beautiful natural areas surrounding our city. As a Board member with the Edmonton Area Land Trust, Marian is excited to contribute to conservation of our natural heritage.

Andrea Zemrau

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Environmental Conservation from the University of Alberta. Following University, Andrea worked as an Environmental Consultant, classifying wetlands and ecosystems and searching for rare plants. Currently, as a Native Plant Horticulturalist with Clark Ecoscience and Sustainability, Andrea works in the ecosystem restoration industry to help bring nature home to Albertans. Outside of work, Andrea enjoys spending time outdoors in addition to volunteering with organizations like the Edmonton Native Plant Group, Roots for Trees and the Edmonton and Area Land Trust.