• Located in Leduc County
• North of Calmar
• 80 Acres
• 55 km drive from central Edmonton



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Thank you to Ethel Coates for leaving her legacy as this special piece of nature, for all to enjoy in perpetuity.

“Ethel was known to all who loved her to be a person in love with life! Her laugh was infectious and could be heard often and from far. She encouraged people around her to stretch themselves into the unknown and sometimes scary which often ended up in a great adventure for them all. She taught them about birds, taught them how to ski and canoe, the importance of the little things in life. She made you pay attention to nature and all of its offerings, all the while relishing it herself.”
— Ethel's family

Wildlife and Habitat

This natural area consists almost entirely of parkland forest, a habitat that is disappearing rapidly. This crucial habitat is located within an important wildlife corridor, Willow Creek, which allows wildlife safe passage from the surrounding agricultural areas, to the river valley a few kilometers away.

The majority of the natural area is covered by mixedwoods forest with an aspen, poplar, birch, and spruce canopy and richly diverse understorey including red-osier dogwood, prickly rose, wild raspberry, honeysuckle, and multiple fern species. The property is dissected by a meandering creek with sections of sheer cliff banks and adjacent riparian plants such as willows, bulrushes, reeds, and sedges. Shadowing a portion of the creek is a white spruce forest stand with many plants like fairybells, wintergreen, twinflower, wild strawberry, and stair-step moss lining the forest floor.

Coates is home to wood frogs, crayfish, mammals such as moosecoyote, beaver, porcupine, and a wide variety of birds including red-tailed hawks, great blue herons, yellow-bellied sapsuckers, mourning doves, eastern phoebes, ravens, and chickadees.


This natural area is located in an Environmentally Significant Area of Regional Importance and High Sensitivity. Willow Creek runs into the North Saskatchewan River, approximately 2 km away, therefore conserving this land protects a crucial link of a network of wildlife corridors and an integral part of the watershed.

This section of creek has historical significance too: hadrosaur footprints were extracted by helicopter in the early 1990’s, as well as albertosaurus skin impression & dinosaur bones. The area was therefore rated as having high potential for historic resources, by Alberta Culture and Community Spirit.

Guided Nature Tour

Whether at Coates Conservation Lands, or at your home, take a guided nature tour using the map below, or click here for the tour booklet.

Stewardship Highlights and Recent News

  • We are working on documenting the species found on the property.

  • Raised over $10,000 from supporters to fund initial conservation activities.