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Forests and Farmlands Tour: EALT 10th Anniversary Event

Join the Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT) at Lady Flower Gardens for unique tours of the land, and to learn about the important work of EALT and Lady Flower Gardens, and how these agricultural lands contribute to our local food security. The Visser lands, a total of 233 precious acres, comprise the largest old growth forest left in the City of Edmonton, as well as the largest remaining agricultural lands.

Choose from the following tour options.

1)    Nature Interpretive Tour

Learn about all types of creatures living in the old growth forest - from tiny plants to large trees, mammals, birds and little bees – an amazing range of species make their home here! EALT’s conservation biologists will give a tour of the forest, which will include information about plants and other wildlife, and a special bird banding demonstration.

2)    Forest Therapy Tour

A Forest Therapy Walk is a slow, mindful walk to contemplate nature with all the senses. It originated in Japan, where it is called Shinrin Yoku. During the walk, you will be invited to participate in a series of sensory connection activities to help you become more present and notice the world around you. There have been many studies on Forest Therapy’s possible benefits, including reducing stress, heart rate, blood pressure, and reducing anxiety and depression. The forest is the therapist; your guide will be opening the door. This walk is a shorter version of typical forest therapy walks.

3)    Lady Flower Gardens Tour

Lady Flower Gardens (LFG) hosts a variety of groups from the Edmonton region, including new Canadians, Edmonton’s homeless, and disadvantaged groups. When participants visit LFG, they contribute to the land by weeding, harvesting and tending the vegetable gardens, fostering a connection to the land, food, and nature. They also share in its harvest – as do Inner City agencies like the Food Bank. Learn more about this non-profit garden and their contributions to social justice in Edmonton. **Bring your garden gloves, and take a turn with those already working in the gardens.

4)    Urban Agriculture Tour

Learn about and tour some of the last prime agricultural land in the city of Edmonton. The Visser farm features a combination of rich, well-drained sandy loam soils, a plentiful source of water for irrigation from the North Saskatchewan River, and a unique micro-climate averaging 137 frost free days – the perfect recipe for a bountiful vegetable harvest that supplies Edmonton’s farmers markets.

Additional Notes:

  • Please be prepared to spend time outdoors.
  • Study shoes are necessary (i.e. hiking or running shoes). No slip-on shoes or flip flops. Long pants are recommended to protect your legs from insects and thorny plants.
  • Bring water, insect repellent, sunscreen.
  • Registration fees collected will be shared between the Edmonton and Area Land Trust and Lady Flower Gardens.