• Located in Wetaskiwin County
• East of Wetaskiwin • 104 Acres
• 80 km drive from central Edmonton





Popular Pipestone Tree
Milkweed Island
Trembling in My Boots



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“What a beautiful trail and day to get together and find a few geocaches, kids are feeding the birds right off their hand and everyone is having a good time, thanks for bringing us out here!”
— Cailloupot - Avid Geocacher

Wildlife and Habitat

This natural area is located near Coal Lake, and borders Pipestone Creek itself, including an ox bow lake.

This natural area features several vegetation community types, including spruce woodlands, aspen parkland, and dry grassland slopes that feature plants not commonly found this far north in Alberta. 

Pipestone Creek is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, great blue heron, cedar waxwings, hermit thrush, and many other songbirds and small mammals. Trumpeter swans have also been seen flying overhead during migration.

Photos: Dorothy Monteith, Barry MacDonald, EALT


Pipestone Creek is an important habitat corridor for wildlife. By securing this natural area, we ensure that the creek and riparian area are conserved. The creek is also important for a healthy water supply, and conserving the area around the creek helps keep the watershed healthy.

Stewardship Highlights and Recent News

  • In partnership with The Carbon Farmer, 31,400 trees and shrubs were planted to restore habitat for wildlife.
  • To prevent damage from off-highway vehicles, we installed fences and gates, as well as outreached in the local community about the importance of this natural area. Read our Pipestone Creek brochure here.