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Pamela Wight, Executive Director

Pamela Wight, a geographer, has a strong background in conservation, with bio-physical and socio-economic degrees, and a certificate in environmental management and planning. She has worked with the private sector and industry, provincial government, universities, and not-for-profit and community organisations. She has worked in Edmonton and surrounding areas, and as a tourism and parks planning consultant, she has worked in Alberta, Canada, and internationally for the UN and international conservation organisations. She was on the Coordinating Committee of the Alberta Conservation Strategy representing the City of Edmonton, and is on the Board of the Land Stewardship Centre of Canada.


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Rebecca Ellis, Conservation Manager

Rebecca grew up in Edmonton and has experience with several non-profits, including the Nature Conservancy of Canada and A Rocha, plus government work with the Canadian Wildlife Service and the City of Edmonton. She has been involved in stewarding natural areas, developing monitoring programs and providing public environmental education. She received her BSc in Environmental Studies from The King’s University in Edmonton and her Master of Environmental Management from the University of Queensland, Australia. Rebecca manages EALT's Conservation Lands.


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Meghan Jacklin, Conservation Coordinator

Meghan was raised in the Edmonton area and has a passion for all things nature, especially birds. After finishing her BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences from the University of Alberta, she worked for the not-for-profit Beaverhill Bird Observatory for three years doing biology fieldwork and education outreach. Before that, she worked for Project EMEND, several environmental labs at the University of Alberta, and the Royal Tyrell Museum. She has an interest in protecting wild places and creating a connection between nature and people. Meghan works on the stewardship of EALT's Conservation Lands, volunteer coordination, and outreach events.


Conservation Coordinator

Starting May 2019


Cassandra Brooke, Stewardship Assistant

Cassandra Brooke is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta's Conservation Biology program. She has volunteered for many environmental groups in the past, including EALT, Nature Alberta, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Cassandra focuses on stewardship of our conservation lands, including baseline surveys and reports of new lands, monitoring, and implementing management activities, such as installing nest boxes or controlling invasive plants.

Stewardship Intern & Community Engagement Interns

Starting May 2019