Information Booth Request Form

Would you like EALT to set up an information booth at your event? Perhaps it’s a farmer’s market, a fair, a conference, or other special event. Please fill out the following form to request to have an EALT information table at your event.

Contact Person Name *
Contact Person Name
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Even if the location is not confirmed, please give us an idea of where it will be held and what the setup will be like.
How long would you want us to have our booth set up at your event?
How many people do you expect will attend this event or interact with us at the information booth?
If not, please indicate cost in the comments at the bottom of the form.
Please Check All of the Following Materials Provided
We have these items and are able to bring them, but it helps us to plan if we know that they are provided.
Topics of Interest
We always have information about who we are, what we do, and land conservation in th Edmonton region, but please select any additional special topics you would like us to have information about at the booth.