Lu Carbyn's Gift of Nature

Many know him as an internationally renowned wildlife biologist who specialized in the study of wolves and Swift Foxes, others know him as one of  their favourite professors, an active member of the Edmonton Nature Club, Past President of Nature Alberta, or as a former  co-owner of The Wildbird General Store™. Now, Lu Carbyn adds to his conservation legacy through the donation of land to the Edmonton and Area Land Trust, the only nature conservancy to focus on this region.


The Lu Carbyn Nature Sanctuary is a quarter section of boreal forest west of Edmonton, near the community of Darwell. This quarter of undisturbed forest and wetlands are home to a wide variety of wildlife, including over 95 bird species. Lu describes this area as one of the best places within a hundred kilometers of Edmonton, for teaching people of all ages about birding.  In just one short hour's walk on the land, it has been possible to identify 50 or more different bird species during peak breeding season in late May.


And because the Lu Carbyn Nature Sanctuary is near the Lily Lake Natural Area, as well as several other protected lands in the area, donating the lands to EALT will ensure that this quarter section continues to support a high level of biodiversity for future generations.

EALT has worked for some time to secure the land, and appreciates the assistance of Alberta’s Land Trust Grant; now we need to work on funding the stewarding component.

We’d like to thank Lu for his extremely generous donation, and for entrusting his land and legacy to EALT. Read our previous blog to hear more about the Lu Carbyn Nature Sanctuary and why it’s such an important place for conservation, and a special place for Lu, his family and friends.

Read more about this new conservation area here.