EALT Secures Best Birding Quarter within 100 kms of the City

Edmonton, Alberta | January 17, 2018 – The Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT) is proud and excited to announce it has secured a quarter section of natural area thanks to the generosity of Lu Carbyn, an internationally renowned wildlife biologist, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta. The Lu Carbyn Nature Sanctuary is a quarter section of boreal forest, west of Edmonton and near the town of Darwell, Alberta. This is the 10th conservation area secured under EALT’s stewardship in this, EALT’s 10th Anniversary Year.


The Sanctuary

The Lu Carbyn Nature Sanctuary comprises undisturbed forest and wetlands, and is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including moose, deer, coyote, bats, beavers and lynx. It supports over 95 bird species, such as loon, trumpeter swans and great blue heron, as well as a wide variety of songbirds. Because it is located very near the Lily Lake Natural Area and several other protected lands also with lakes, wetlands and forestland, it adds conservation value to a larger region, and EALT will ensure that this quarter section continues to support a high level of biodiversity into the future.  

The property already contains a system of grassy walking trails, and since a number of trails are on the unique raised ridges known as eskers, they afford continued relatively easy walking and scenic views for visitors. This will be a place where people can explore and reconnect with nature.


The Vision

A vast array of bird species are known to breed and nest in the area, and the property already offers unique opportunities for learning.  Lu describes this area as “one of the best places within a hundred kilometers of Edmonton, for teaching people of all ages about birding”.  Part of Lu’s vision, which EALT supports, is that this land will continue to be a place of conservation and a place for environmental education and wildlife study for students, clubs, and other members of the public.


Donating the Lu Carbyn Nature Sanctuary to the Edmonton and Area Land Trust is just another step along the way to foster promoting avian conservation on many fronts, most importantly for teaching young and old about bird identification. It also gives me great satisfaction to leave this world a bit better for my grandchildren and their grandchildren” - Lu Carbyn, Land Donor


Lu couldn’t have chosen a more generous gift than the gift of nature, by donating this incredibly biodiverse land to EALT.  We are in his debt, and are conscious that he is entrusting his land and legacy for EALT to steward forever, for use by the citizens of the region” – Pam Wight, Executive Director, EALT



The Edmonton and Area Land Trust is the only non-profit conservancy to focus entirely on conserving natural areas in and around the City of Edmonton. EALT has conserved 2,170 acres in 10 conservation lands over 10 years, and is working to secure more. 


The Government of Alberta created the Alberta Land Trust Grant program which assisted with this securement.



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Carbyn photos available upon request.