Edmonton's Bee Hotels Map Launched

Edmonton, Alberta | June 20, 2018 - The Edmonton and Area Land Trust  (EALT) is delighted to have launched our Bee Hotel Map, in time for National Pollinator Week (June 18-24). There has been growing interest in protecting bees and other pollinators over the past few years, and EALT has already led the way by supplying dozens of large Bee Hotels to public facilities, organisations, private businesses, and community gardens, and by hosting Bee Hotel building workshops throughout Edmonton and Region, and by selling Bee Hotel kits.

This new map shows the location of over 50 bee hotels in Edmonton of various sizes and in public and private places. And everyone can add their own bee hotels! The map is interactive, and EALT hopes Edmontonians will be inspired to build their own bee hotel and add it to their regional map. Everyone can be a citizen scientist and monitor a bee hotel!

National Pollinator Week takes place from June 18 to 24. To heighten awareness of pollinators, which contribute to every third bite we take, EALT is publishing a series of blogs and social media this week, including 8 ways to help pollinators, what pollinator-friendly plants citizens can grow in their gardens, as well as activities for kids and more.  

If anyone is interested in building their own bee hotel, there are instructions for four different sizes and types on EALT’s website. This website also has much more information related to pollinators, including a bee ID guide, butterfly ID guide, moth ID guide and a Children’s activity book with bee and pollinator educational and fun activities.

EALT is also focusing on pollinators through their Great Canadian Giving Challenge during June. Every $1 donated in June via CanadaHelps.org or GivingChallenge.ca, automatically enters the charity to win an additional $10,000 donation, which to be used for pollinator habitat improvement and stewarding EALT’s conservation lands, which provide important habitat for pollinators and other wildlife.

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